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FAQ: Order

How do I order at NonEM?


Very easily!

1. Please fill in the order form on the opposite side.

2. In the subject field, you can write for example »order«.

3. In the field »message«, you can state the amount and the article(s) which you would like to order.

4. Now you only need to enter the Anti-spam-protection. Done!

5. We deliver as soon as possible. Inside the parcel you will find the invoice with the designated VAT. We ask you to pay the entire amount in the course of 14 days.

6. We deliver for free within Germany, Austria and Switzerland! For delivery to all other European countries, we charge 5 Euro shipping costs. For delivery to countries outside Europe, we generally choose what we consider the most cost-efficient means of transport. The receiver bears the cost of the consignment, incl. the packaging. In the case of delivery of goods to countries outside the European Community, you carry possible costs for taxes and customs.

Order form

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