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About us

How is the name of the publishing company to be understood?


1. Philosophically - as ananym, that is, musically speaking, as mirroring or playing backwards of Menon. Menon is a Platonian dialogue, which deals with the question whether virtue is congenital or can be learnt.

2. The initials N.E.M. stand for New Experimental Music. Please note: experiment is here defined in a postmodern, extended (open) sense!

3. Art is nowadays no longer there to answer questions, but moreover is there to pose questions and challenge things; therefore the "non", the negation, the sense of questioning within the name NonEM.

4. NonEM is frequently also associated with "noname", nobody (=> indeterminacy): "Nobody is my name; for everyone calls me nobody: my mother, my father and all my companions" (Homer). Firstly, art behaves in an astute and skilful way in order to reach its goal, and secondly, it brings up questions in order to stimulate the mind of the recipient: "What was that, I'm sure there was something?"

5. In opposition to point 4, NonEM also connotes "nonem", the name (=> determinacy).

6. By means of the different possibilities of interpretation, the name "NonEM" stands in conflict (Lyotard) with itself (for example: determinacy vs. indeterminacy).

New releases

Sounds and Visions
Michael Mikolaschek

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Klangwolken [Sound clouds]
Duo Cat | Broedemann

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Das Verschwinden der Musik [The disappearance of music]
Hans-Joachim Hessler

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